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Blue Filter

Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

what is blue light

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is a naturally occurring light that comes from the sun that your body uses to help regulate its sleep/wake cycle. Once the sun has set and you are no longer exposed to blue light, your body starts producing a sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin.

how does it impact us

Why do I need a blue light filter?

If you are spending prolonged periods of time using devices that give off artificial blue light, such as a phone or computer screen, it could affect your quality of sleep. Exposure to artificial blue light may block melatonin production, disrupting your natural sleep cycle and causing eye discomfort, also known as digital eye strain.

 how can a filter help

Do blue light glasses work?

As we live in such a digital world, it can be hard to get away from our screens before bedtime; it’s such a habit now to end off our night by scrolling on our phone. Wearing glasses with an added blue light filter may help reduce the effects of blue light and ease any digital eye strain.

If your career or lifestyle relies heavily on using digital devices, we recommend using blue light blocking glasses. Includes free Anti-Glare Coating.

Add a Blue Light Filter to any optical prescription glasses up to 1.67 index, or to non-prescription glasses, for an additional $80.

+ $80

How to add a Blue Light Filter to your glasses

Blue Light Filter


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Blue Light Filter


Add a Blue Light Filter (+$80)

You can add a blue light filter to your optical glasses for an additional $80.

If ordering your glasses online, when selecting your Lens Type, choose a Blue Light Filter add-on.

If you're in one of our New Zealand stores, let our team members know you want to add a blue light filter to your glasses.

Blue light filter is available with prescription glasses up to 1.67 index or with non-prescription glasses.

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