Oscar Wylee Joint Venture Partnership

Oscar Wylee Joint Venture Partnership

Oscar Wylee is an Australian Optical company that has grown from humble beginnings in 2012, into an international organisation. We are proud of the handcrafted products and expert optical information that we offer to customers.

Our joint venture partnership is an opportunity for inspirational business leaders to join Oscar Wylee as part owners of our stores. With over 60 stores run by over 80 joint venture partners, we continually strive to expand our JVP program, initiate international partnerships and invite new people who are excited about our brand and are committed to growing our business.

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Oscar Wylee Optometrist Partner
Optometrist Partner

Our Optometry Joint Venture Partners are an essential part of our business. They are experienced and have an exceptional rapport with our patients. They have the ability to influence, mentor, lead, and motivate. Most importantly, our Optometrist Partners are humble and professional in everything they do.

Oscar Wylee Retail and Dispensing Partner
Retail and Dispensing Partner

Our Retail Joint Venture Partners are experienced in optics and have a passion for delivering excellent customer service. They love the dynamic and fast-paced environment of retail with an emphasis on style. They are known for exceeding our customers' expectations and their leadership supports and grows their team every day.

Reasons to Become an Oscar Wylee Partner

At Oscar Wylee, we support our joint venture partners and provide them with the tools they need to be successful business owners. By joining our JVP program you will receive dedicated training and support to meet every store need, the ability to run your own business and the opportunity to manage a high-performing team.

  • Competitive base salaries

  • Low-interest rate loan

  • Ability to work in the booming optical market

  • High-quality testing equipment and technologies

  • Dividends generated by business profits

  • Continued company and individual growth

  • Open feedback policy with excellent support

  • A unique and large product range

Our Partners Across New Zealand

We currently have 51% of Oscar Wylee stores run by joint venture partners across Australia and New Zealand and we introduced dual store partnerships in December 2022. At Oscar Wylee, passion, drive and positive thinking are core values integral to a successful business and partnership. With more stores consistently opening, we are able to offer more opportunities to like-minded leaders to become joint venture partners.

Investment Value

The Oscar Wylee business offers all joint venture partners a high-value investment which includes the latest, high-quality optometrist equipment, a large inventory including optical, sunglasses, lenses and accessories, in-house manufacturing and procurement of frames and lenses and contemporary design concepts to reflect our changing market. We also believe in an excellent customer experience throughout the entire journey which is why we’ve created a more casual and comfortable browsing experience as opposed to what you might find in a traditional eyewear store.

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Frequently asked questions about partnerships

What are the services you provide?


At Oscar Wylee, we offer both optometry and eyewear services to provide a complete in-store experience where you can get your eyes checked by an optometrist, update your prescription, and find a pair of glasses all on the same day.

How many locations do you have?


We offer JVP opportunities in all of our trading companies, Australia, New Zealand and Canada across our 140+ stores. Our locations are available in both metro and regional areas.

What products do you sell?


Oscar Wylee is an eyewear company that sells a wide range of affordable and stylish glasses inspired by modern, vintage and on-trend designs. Our products cover a variety of styles and sizes for every customer, male, female, kids, seniors and everything in between.

What is the process of becoming a JVP?


The JVP process

  • Expression of Interest
  • Screening interview
  • JVP Module in depth
  • Store specific financials
  • Presentation
  • Approval
  • Document Stage
  • Onboarding

What type of equipment do you have?


At Oscar Wylee, our stores are equipped with the latest high-quality testing equipment and technologies including:

  • Pretest Machine (Autorefractor, Keratometer, Pachymeter and Tonometer)
  • Digital retinal imaging*
  • Visual Field Machine*
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)*
  • Auto-vertometer

*Available in certain stores only

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