polarized sunglasses

Polarised Lenses

polarized sunglasses vs nonpolar

Left: Non-Polarised / Right: Polarised

What are polarised lenses?

Polarised lenses have a coating applied to the lens to darken it and add colour and offers UV protection, also cutting out glare on the horizontal wavelength. This safety filter reduces the annoying, and sometimes dangerous, reflections that water and roads can create on your lenses, making it especially handy for activities like driving, running, and biking.


How to tell if lenses are polarised?

Hold the lenses in front of a LED or LCD screen and rotate them about 90 degrees. If the lenses are polarised, the screen will become darker or completely disappear. If the lenses are non-polarised, there will be no change.

The benefits of OW polarised lenses

• 100% UV protection
• Helps eliminate reflective glare from roads, water, and snow
• Increases visual clarity and comfort
• Filter in lens won’t scratch off
• Complimentary back surface anti-glare
• Available in a range of colours and mirror tints

Oscar Wylee Sunglasses offer UV 350-400 protection across the range. Our polarised lenses are available in grey, brown, and green.

Note: Depending on your prescription, polarisation may not be available with other lens options. Ask our knowledgeable team in-store what works best for your prescription.

Prescription Sunglasses
Sunglasses are indispensable for ensuring that you enjoy the outdoors with clear vision and protection against UV rays. All of this is available in Oscar Wylee’s sunglass lenses from tinted to transition lenses, you can upgrade to prescription sunglasses for an additional cost per pair.

Visit us in-store and our friendly team can help you choose what suits your needs. Whether you have prescription lenses or not, our comprehensive range features individualised sunglasses for everyone.

Looking for some prescription sunglasses? Visit an Oscar Wylee store near you or order your next pair online. All prescription sunglasses ordered online will come with polarised lenses as standard, unless otherwise stated.