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At Oscar Wylee, we accept all relevant health Insurance companies, and can perform on the spot claims for Southern Cross Health Insurance. For glasses coverage by other insurance providers, please submit your claims through your provider's website, smart phone app or claims portal.

Private Health Fund Insurance

And many more.

To learn if your insurance company supports vision coverage at Oscar Wylee, please contact your provider.

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Get a free eye test when you buy a pair of glasses at Oscar Wylee!

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What is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance at Oscar Wylee refers to your provider's coverage on optical appliances, like glasses, frames and lenses.

Your Health Insurance may include ‘everyday’ or ‘day-to-day’ coverage, plans and modules. This coverage applies to things like dental work or buying prescription glasses.

Some insurance companies' coverage on glasses are separate from their general policies. Please contact your provider to learn if you have eye health and glasses coverage.

Insurance covered eye tests at Oscar Wylee

Some policies, plans and modules for your vision coverage include an amount that covers the entire cost of an eye test as performed by a fully qualified optometrist.

Check with your health insurance provider to learn more about your coverage on eye tests.

How Do I Make a Claim?

To make a claim with your Health Insurance at Oscar Wylee:

  1. Purchase the prescription products of your choice
  2. Keep the invoice or other record of purchase
  3. Go to your health insurance providers website, or download your providers relevant application on smartphone or other handheld devices
  4. Find the form that is relevant to your claims. Download the form if you are using a computer
  5. Fill in all relevant information on the form
  6. Submit the form to your provider.

optometrist session

Your eye test explained

Routine eye test appointments are quick and painless. Find out what to expect during an eye exam and how to understand your eye test results.

Free kids eye tests

Free Kids Eye Tests

Oscar Wylee offers free eye tests to children under 18. Learn more about your child’s eye health, how crucial your child’s vision skills are, and the warning signs that your child may need a check up.

pupillary distance

What is Pupillary Distance? (PD)

Do you know your PD? It's something you'll need to know when ordering glasses online. Find out what Pupillary Distance is and how you can measure your own.

eye test

Book an eye test

Our qualified optometrists provide free eye tests when you purchase a pair of our glasses on the same day. Otherwise, eye tests will cost $30.