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About Us

Oscar Wylee is a fast-growing eyewear company with a thriving in-store presence across three different countries, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. We are passionate about eye care with fully trained optometrists and high-quality equipment in every store, providing our customers with the best possible experience.

Our products cover a wide range of styles and sizes for every customer.

Come visit us for an eye test where you can browse our affordable, high-quality frames and pick up 3 pairs of glasses from $299.

How We Began

Oscar Wylee has grown rapidly since it began as an online eCommerce business in 2012. After moving into retail, we have continued on this upward trajectory, providing an exciting range of products and exceptional eye care.

oscar wylee 2012

Launched our first eCommerce and digital platform, offering Australian customers high-quality fashion eyewear without the price tag.

The first showroom was located inside the 1875 historic building in the heart of Sydney, Australia. For the first time, Oscar Wylee introduced on-site optometrists to provide a complete optical service.

oscar wylee 2013
oscar wylee 2019

We opened our first two New Zealand Oscar Wylee stores in Ponsonby and St Lukes.

Oscar Wylee branched into Canada with our Edmonton store in Alberta.

oscar wylee 2021
oscar wylee 2022

Opened four more New Zealand stores in Broadway Newmarket, Queensgate, Auckland CBD and Manukau.

 oscar wylee today

We currently have over 135 stores across New Zealand, Australia and Canada with plans to continue expanding our global presence.

Our Business

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For the community

We are experts in eye care and aim to help all of our customers by providing them with excellent eyewear and information about their eye health.

Frames to reflect the people

We are proud that New Zealand is a melting pot of diverse cultures and perspectives which is reflected in our products. Our wide range of frames is designed to appeal to our diverse customers as we believe we have a pair for every person, every mood and every occasion.

How We Work

We have developed a culture of actively engaged team members who are dedicated to improving the way we do things to give you the best possible eye care experience. We call this endless improvement Kaizen, and it is one of our core values at Oscar Wylee.

Cutting out the middleman

At Oscar Wylee, we’ve cut out the distributor middleman to bring you designer-style glasses, directly from the source, at affordable prices.

We are passionate about:

  • Providing quality and affordable eye care across New Zealand.
  • Keeping your eyes safe from the sun by offering sunglasses with UV protection.
  • Our Joint Venture Partnership, which has a growing number of optometrists and store managers making a commitment to Oscar Wylee.
  • Offering a wide range of lens options and add-ons to suit all customer needs.
  • Educating our customers about optometry and how to take care of their eye health.
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Our Products

Our frames are affordable and stylish, with a wide range of modern, vintage and on-trend styles with both international and local inspiration. They are custom-made for each person, hand-assembled and hand-checked in our labs. We ensure our glasses are of the highest quality before they are presented to our customers. Explore our full glasses collections page.

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Taking care of your frames

We offer a lifetime adjustment guarantee and a one-year warranty on our glasses, meaning you can come back and visit us if you have any issues with your frames. We can clean them, tighten any screws and readjust your frames to fit correctly.

Frames for Everyone

Our Services


Our commitment to eye health means you can come into our stores for an eye exam without buying glasses. You can also bring in your own prescription, as long as it’s not expired, and we can help you find a pair of glasses that is right for you.

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The Oscar Wylee experience

At Oscar Wylee, we believe in an excellent customer experience throughout the entire journey. We’ve created a more casual and comfortable browsing experience as opposed to what you might find in a traditional eyewear store. Our glasses aren’t hidden behind locked cabinets, they are out in the open where you can try them on at your own leisure.

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You can buy now and pay later with Afterpay, in-store only at Oscar Wylee New Zealand. Using the digital app, our customers can buy a pair of frames now and pay for them later in 4 easy instalments over 6 weeks, interest free!

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Find a store near you

Come visit at us one of our Oscar Wylee locations and our friendly staff can assist you.

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