How To Clean OW Glasses
How To Clean OW Glasses

How To Clean Oscar Wylee Glasses

Do you want to get the most out of your brand new pair of Oscar Wylee glasses or sunglasses? Look at our handy glasses guide and learn the best way to clean your Oscar Wylee lenses and care for your glasses so you can make them last and ensure you have clear and comfortable vision.

How To Clean Your OW Lenses

Make your worldview clearer! Lens cleaning as a daily routine leaves your vision spotless, and can also prevent infectious bacteria from reaching your eyes.

Train yourself to clean your Oscar Wylee glasses whenever you perform a daily routine, like turning on your computer or settling down to sleep, so it becomes a habit. Cleaning your glasses should take less than 60 seconds, so there’s no reason not to clean them. See our handy guide below for a quick and easy clean.

How To Clean OW Glasses

Oscar Wylee lens cleaner

How To Clean OW Glasses

A microfibre cloth

How To Clean OW Glasses

Clean hands

  1. Gently blow on your glasses to remove dust or particles that may scratch if you rub them in.
  2. Hold your glasses up to a light by pinching the top and bottom rim of one lens.
  3. Spray both sides of your glasses with the Oscar Wylee lens cleaner.
  4. Using the cloth, gently wipe your glasses in a circular motion. Do not rub back and forth.
  5. Hold your glasses up to the light again. If there are still smudges or fingerprints, repeat steps 3 and 4.

How NOT to clean your lenses

How To Clean OW Glasses

Never clean with your clothes

How To Clean OW Glasses

Never use a towel or hand towel

How To Clean OW Glasses

Never use tissues or paper towels

Good cleaning liquids:

  • Official lens cleaners and lens spray

Use an Oscar Wylee lens cleaner when cleaning your glasses. Other substances can cause damage, loosen or affect coating, and can eventually result in rust or create unhygienic conditions and bacteria across your OW lenses.

Bad cleaning liquids:

  • Alcohols (will damage and loosen coatings)
  • Hand soaps that contain additives, fruit acids, essential oils, etc…
  • Saliva
  • Lotions
  • Water (can cause rusting of metal frames)
  • Citrus-based dishwashing soaps
  • Nail polish remover or acetone
  • Window/glass cleaners
  • Vinegar
  • Bleach
  • And many more….


Make sure your microfibre cloth is clean. Dirt or debris on a microfibre cloth may cause scratches to the lenses. Remember to wash and clean your microfibre cloth regularly, and keep more than one handy.

How To Take Care Of Your Glasses

How To Clean OW Glasses If it’s not on your face, put it in the case!

When your OW lenses get scratched, they can’t be repaired. Even on non-prescription sunglasses, scratching damages the coating and creates lines in your vision. Someone else may also use any glasses you leave lying around the house. This can cause stretched arms, bent hinges, loose screws and other warping.

Your OW glasses case is the number 1 safest place to keep your prescription glasses or sunglasses. If you leave your glasses lying around the house, gathering dust on your desk, on top of your head, hanging from your shirt or somewhere in your car, they won’t last long!

If your OW glasses are not in use, put them in their case. Almost every source of damage, whether it’s dust, dirt, stretching or scratching, can’t affect your OW glasses in their case.

What Not To Do

DON’T leave your OW glasses here:

How To Clean OW GlassesHow To Clean OW Glasses

On top of your head

How To Clean OW GlassesHow To Clean OW Glasses

Face down

How To Clean OW GlassesHow To Clean OW Glasses

In the car

How To Clean OW GlassesHow To Clean OW Glasses

Hanging from your clothes

Handling Your OW Glasses: Two Hands Are Better Than One!

To get the longest life possible out of your frames, use both hands to take off your OW glasses by removing the arms from behind your ears. Taking off or holding your OW glasses by the arms with one hand will eventually misalign the temples and result in loose screws or other warping in the arms.

How To Clean OW Glasses


How To Clean OW Glasses


A Pair For Every Purpose

A Pair For Every Purpose A Pair For Every Purpose A Pair For Every Purpose

If you’re able to, why not have a pair of OW glasses wherever you need them? Keeping a separate case of your favourite frames by your desk or on your bedside table means you’ll always have your prescriptions safely stored where you need them.

Still losing track of your frames? Why not try an OW glasses chain or cord? A cord will help prevent warping and misalignment, while still keeping your spectacles conveniently close by.

Repairs and Cleaning In-Store!

Screws loose on your arms? Frames misaligned? Oscar Wylee offers a lifetime warranty for repairs and adjustments on your OW glasses and we are fully equipped for a wide variety of repairs. Find an Oscar Wylee store near you and our friendly staff will help you in any way possible. Plus, you can bring your Oscar Wylee glasses in-store for a deeper cleaning using our ultrasonic cleaner.

Please be advised not all Oscar Wylee stores have an ultrasonic cleaner on the premises.

Get your lenses cleaned in-store
Want squeaky clean lenses? Come visit one of our Oscar Wylee stores where we offer deeper cleaning for clear vision.
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