Free Digital Retinal Scan ^

What is a Digital Retinal Scan?

A digital retinal camera^ takes high-resolution images of the fundus (also called retina) inside the eye. They provide insight into the health of the eye and provide a visual tool for our optometrists to explain certain ocular conditions to their patients. They are a great means of record keeping as it allows us to monitor changes more efficiently and provide an easy comparison between visits.

^ Not available at all stores. Usage criteria is at the discretion of the optometrist.

Through these images, we can assess for:

• Retinal imperfections, degeneration & damage
• Macular health (including Macular Degeneration)
• Optic nerve health (including signs of Glaucoma, Neuritis, Atrophy & optic nerve head drusen)
• Blood vessel health (including hypertension, blockages & leakages)

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We recommend that everyone should have an eye test with an optometrist at least once every 2 years.

*Free eye test with optical glasses purchase on the same day. Otherwise $30.