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As a member of Southern Cross, Your Insurance company may cover prescription glasses, lenses inserted into new frames, product repairs and optometrist visits with HealthEssentials policy, and with the Keeping Well, Vision and Dental And Ultracare 400 modules. Southern Cross benefits renew every policy year, claim with us before your policy year runs out! Any benefits not used before the limits reset will be lost.

With Oscar Wylee, you can have up to 100% coverage on select optical purchases when you shop with us. Look at the table below to find your Southern Cross coverage and the benefits you have when you shop at Oscar Wylee.

Your coverage may or may not apply to add-ons, coatings or tinting.

Are you in need of an eye test?

We recommend everyone has a complete eye examination at least once every two years.

Book yours today with Oscar Wylee.

Waiting Period

6 Months

Benefit Limits Reset

Policy Year: Your benefits year begins when you make your first claim at Southern Cross

Claimable Benefits %


*Your Extras Package Annual Limit: Basic HealthEssentials ¹ KiwiCare RegularCare Wellbeing One Wellbeing Two UltraCare
Singles Cover $100 close close Vision and dental plan Required Vision and dental plan Required Upgrade required ²
Family Cover tick close close tick tick tick
Prescription Glasses tick close close tick tick tick
Prescription Lenses tick close close tick tick tick
Prescription Sunglasses tick close close tick tick tick
Eye Test Coverage $100 ¹ close close tick tick tick
Repairs tick close close tick tick tick

With Southern Cross, you may have to purchase the model for your vision coverage separately from the official policy. The following are the benefits you are entitled to on Southern cross vision modules:

*Your Extras Package Annual Limit: HealthEssentials Keeping Well Module¹ Vision and Dental Module¹ Ultracare 400
Singles Cover $250 $600 $500 $500
Family Cover $250 per year $600 per year $500 per year $500 per year
Prescription Glasses tick tick tick tick
Prescription Lenses tick tick tick tick
Prescription Sunglasses tick tick tick tick
Eye Test Coverage $100 per year $200 per year $50 per year $350 per year
Repairs tick tick tick tick

Renew your prescriptions today.

Health insurance coverage only applies to prescription glasses and appliances. Get yours renewed with us before you begin spending.

¹ Basic HealthEssentials Benefits on eye tests are shared with benefits on glasses.

² Upgrade from basic Ultracare policy to Ultracare 400 required for full vision coverage.

³ Coverage shared with other benefits

*Based on Southern Cross Health Insurance's Product Factsheet and Plan Documents: 1 2 3 4 5 6. Vision coverage factsheets: Keeping Well & Vision and Dental.

Information relevant as of 15 March 2021

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