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Northlands Mall
Shop 070, 55 Main North Road
Papanui Christchurch 8052

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Opening hours

Monday9:00am - 6:00pm

Tuesday9:00am - 6:00pm

Wednesday9:00am - 6:00pm

Thursday9:00am - 9:00pm

Friday9:00am - 9:00pm

Saturday9:00am - 6:00pm

Sunday10:00am - 6:00pm

*Store hours reflect local standard trading hours and exclude public holidays

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Our Reviews
ruxandra pop
1 day ago

The entire team displayed a high level of professionalism, and were very friendly and helpful.Stepha... See more

Ian Green
5 days ago

My appointment was on time and Stephanie the Optometrist was very knowledgeable, patient and thoroug... See more

Harvey King
1 week ago

1 week ago

Great service, friendly and knowledgeable team

Julie McIlwraith
1 week ago

The staff were friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I was seen for my eye exam with no delay, t... See more

Julie Mcewan
1 week ago

The eye test went well. Very pleasant staff.

Angela Thomas
1 week ago

They were very friendly and helpful

Annette Watson
2 weeks ago

Preety Pandey
2 weeks ago

It recently got my eyes tested at Oscar Wylee Northland Mall. Their optometrist Stephenie is brilli... See more

Laura Turner
2 weeks ago

We’re so happy with the service we receive!

loretta richards
3 weeks ago

Really enjoyed my experience, very interesting and informative, Thanks

Cole Roskruge
3 weeks ago

Friendly team quick service.

1 month ago

The teams amazing. Made me feel at ease. Would send all of my friends and family

Lindy McNally
1 month ago

Very satisfied with eye examination, polite and professional staff.

Ana Paula Nunes
1 month ago

Amazing ????

Reena Snowden
1 month ago

Amazing customer service, great variety of frames, very very affordable

Courtney Crum
1 month ago

Quick and professional eye exam, friendly staff and great with helping me pick new glasses would hig... See more

Rowena Recalde
1 month ago

I was so lucky that day. I arrived at 1545H, & there was an available appointment at 1600H. It was v... See more

Drew Kantor
1 month ago

vincent tegio
1 month ago

They are really Kind and they make my first eye test for free i was surprise and my day get awesome ... See more

Lyt Zz
1 month ago

Ronan Vincent
1 month ago

incredible team. friendly, insightful, and thorough. super glad i chose oscar wylee <3

Kate Husband
1 month ago

Thorough examination. Clear explanations. Friendly, welcoming and professional team.

Mike Carney
1 month ago

Excellent professional service.Highly recommended. Mike

1 month ago


1 month ago

Martin White
1 month ago

Very friendly team, excellent service at a good price. Highly recommended.

Vanessa Lewis
2 months ago

Cannot recommend Stephanie enough - she is such a fantastic and thorough optometrist! Not only is sh... See more

Maringi Parnell
2 months ago

Excellent experience, really comfortable and felt I was well looked after.

2 months ago

Valentina Yañez
2 months ago

A lovely team, was so friendly explaining everything more than once for a foreign customer, highly r... See more

2 months ago

Friendly and efficient staff.

Sergio Toader (Sunville)
2 months ago

Beverley Hajdu
2 months ago

Very professional, friendly and helpful staff. I had an in depth examination of my eyes and so pleas... See more

debbie ferrigan
2 months ago

Received the best service ever from Stephanie and team. Informative, helpful and humorous thanks to ... See more

Rob Snowden
2 months ago

Wonderful experience, the team was very helpful in every way possible.

João “Jay” Jabour
2 months ago

Leanne Knudsen
2 months ago

Great service here. Everyone very friendly and so helpful. They take the time to answer your eye hea... See more

2 months ago

It was a great experience to stumble on the Oscar Wylee shop at Northlands. After just been to anoth... See more

Justine Ross
3 months ago

Lovely team, very efficient!

3 months ago

Excellent customer service. Thank you for a great experience with my eye test and choosing the right... See more

Ernst Bohm
3 months ago

It was very professional and pleasant. Excellent staff!

hato “xovs art” aranui
3 months ago

Pai tēnei huinga. Received good service. Good conversation with all and was good to hear the optomet... See more

Graeme Ferreira
3 months ago

First time for an eye test and the professionalism of the team at Oscar Wylee Northlands was second ... See more

Tepapa Tongia
3 months ago

Ana Mei Borel
3 months ago

4 months ago

Great experience with very lovely staff

Terry Foot
4 months ago

Honest,real and caring. Thanks for an easy experience

Andre de Joux
4 months ago

Great service. The optometrist helped me feel at ease with all the testing as Ive not had a check fo... See more

Hireshniapriya Suresh
4 months ago

Omg i have to tell this. I have done my eye test in Malaysia and Singapore but this was the best.See... See more

About Oscar Wylee Northlands

Situated between the Redwood and Bishopdale areas, our Northlands Oscar Wylee store can be found in the Papanui Northlands Mall, near Countdown. Here, our experienced optometrists offer in-store eye tests for same-day prescriptions. With 3 bus stops directly outside the centre and 3 separate parking areas to choose from, you can come in and see our team, who will assist as you shop our range of stylish and affordable glasses.

With over 100 stores to explore, why not take a walk around the Papanui Northlands Mall after your appointment and see what retail and dining options are on offer. The neighbouring streets also boast many local businesses to tour, including the Graham Condon Recreation and Sport Centre, Launch Pad Trampoline Park and the Art Box Gallery. Book online or come into our Oscar Wylee Northlands store for all of your optometry needs.

*Free eye test with optical glasses purchase on the same day, otherwise an eye test cost is $30.
Meet Our Team
  • Store Manager
Our Services
  • Professional Frame Styling
  • Frame Adjustments and Repairs
  • Visual Fields Testing

Find an Optometrist in Northlands, Christchurch for an Eye Health Test

Find an optometrist in Northlands, Christchurch to receive eye health tests, select a pair of prescription sunglasses or speak to our team for more information on eyecare and eyewear. At our Oscar Wylee glasses store, we pride ourselves in carrying out quality eye health tests in Northlands and making all things optometry easier and enjoyable for you.

To care for your vision, our eye tests generally involve checking all the parts of your eye which helps the optometrist identify any possible signs of eye diseases. So you don’t need to stress about going to an eye doctor and should you require any assistance with your eyewear, we have an optical dispenser at all our stores. The average price for an optometrist in Northlands may vary according to the vision requirements of the patient, the location of the optometrist and how many other available optometrists are in the area.

How to Find an Optometrist in Northlands, Christchurch?

To find an optometrist in Northlands, you can take certain steps that can help make it easier for you such as searching online, assessing the store’s opening hours and finding the directions to your chosen location. The steps on how to find an optometrist in Northlands are listed below.

  1. Search online using the phrase, optometrist near me in Northlands. This can also be done here on the website via our locations page.
  2. Click on the Oscar Wylee link, which will take you directly to our Northlands optometrist store page.
  3. See the store’s opening hours and where the store is located specifically.
  4. Use the Northlands Google Business page link located under store hours to see the directions on how to get to the store.

You can also find an optometrist in Northlands by searching the keywords optometrist near me. If you have locations enabled on your smartphone and you’re in the Northlands area, our Northlands store page should appear easily for you to click on.

Is it Hard to Get an Eye Appointment in Northlands, Christchurch?

No, it is not hard to get an eye appointment in Northlands. You can easily book an appointment to see an Oscar Wylee optometrist in Northlands right here on this page or in-store. At Oscar Wylee we have highly qualified optometrists available and happy to help with any vision concerns.

How to Compare Optometrists in Northlands to Each Other?

To compare optometrists in Northlands, you can use factors such as eye tests offered, health fund coverage, lens types and add-ons and eyewear offered. To take care of your vision and eye health, it is important to receive an eye test at least once every two years. There are different types of tests that can be performed in an eye test and not all optometrists may offer the same tests. Health funds can be used to help cover some of the cost of your frames and lenses. To find out if your health fund is accepted at a Northlands optometrist, visit their website. In the case of Oscar Wylee, we accept all major health funds and provide on-the-spot claims in-store. There are many different lens options available for prescription glasses such as single vision, multifocal and high index lenses. Most optometrists in Northlands will offer these lenses although it is good to make sure. There are also lens add-ons available to enhance your glasses such as anti-reflective and blue light filters. Finally, if you are looking to purchase a pair of glasses after your eye test, you can compare the different styles and colours you are interested in from the optometrists in Northlands. Oscar Wylee offers a wide range of frames with vintage and modern inspirations in bold colours and subtle designs.

How to Find an Eyeglasses Shop in Northlands, Christchurch?

To find a glasses store in Northlands, you can try to follow these simple steps including searching online, selecting a convenient location and looking at their health insurance policies. The steps on how to find a glasses store in Northlands are listed below.

  1. Search online using the phrase, glasses store in Northlands. This will provide you with various options for glasses stores in the whole Northlands area.
  2. Select a glasses store that is most convenient for you to travel to.
  3. Click the link to find out more information such as opening hours, exact location and directions to the glasses store in Northlands.
  4. Read their health insurance policies to ensure you know what health benefits you have access to.

Our Oscar Wylee glasses store in Northlands offers primary eye care services such as comprehensive eye tests as well as other services performed by an optometrist and offers prescription and non-prescription eyewear.

Is it Possible to Purchase Prescribed Sunglasses in Northlands Without Seeing an Optometrist?

Yes and no, it is possible to purchase prescribed sunglasses in Northlands without seeing an optometrist if you already have a prescription that has not expired. If your prescription is expired, you can book an eye test to receive an updated or new prescription which will require you to see an optometrist. This will ensure your prescription sunglasses are appropriate for your visual needs.

Where is the Oscar Wylee Northlands Optometrist in Located?

The Oscar Wylee Northlands optometrist is located at 55 Main North Road, Papanui. The Oscar Wylee Papanui store can be found next to Whitcoulls.

What is the Phone Number of Oscar Wylee Northlands Optometrist in Christchurch?

The Oscar Wylee Northlands optometrist store phone number is (03) 926 0069. You can contact the Oscar Wylee Northlands store between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm from Monday to Wednesday and Saturday, between 9 am and 9 pm on Thursdays and Fridays and between 10 am and 6 pm on Sundays.

What are the Reviews for Oscar Wylee Northlands Optometrist in Christchurch?

The many reviews for Oscar Wylee Northlands optometrist left by our various customers can be found here on the website as well as online when you search for Oscar Wylee Northlands optometrist. The reviews for Oscar Wylee Northlands optometrist are listed below.

  • Janette Burke: It was so great going to the Oscar Wylee optometrist. The staff there were wonderful and made it a great experience.
  • Alan Bainton: Arrived a little early and they were very helpful, took photos and tested my eyes. The lady sorted out my exact prescription and made suggestions for lens options. Very efficient and professional. Highly recommended.
  • Sandie: The staff are so lovely and helpful. I was made to feel welcome and valued. The optometrist was super friendly and explained everything every step of the way. I highly recommend Oscar Wylee Optometrists if you are in need of new eyewear or looking to improve your current eyewear.
  • Aaron King: Awesome service.

What Treatments or Eye Care Processes are Done in the Oscar Wylee Northlands Optometrist Location?

The treatments or eye care processes done in the Oscar Wylee Northlands optometrist location include a tonometry test, a slit lamp exam and a refraction test. Additional tests that may also be performed can include a visual field test and a dilated fundus exam. The treatments or eye-care processes that are done in the Oscar Wylee Northlands optometrist location are listed below.

  • A Tonometry Test: An optometrist or optical dispenser will conduct a tonometry test which involves the use of a machine that will release small puffs of air into your eyes. This will assist with measuring pressure in the eye.
  • Slit Lamp Test: A slit lamp test can be used to evaluate your eye health, by examining your cornea and iris which are the anterior and posterior of the eye.
  • Refraction Test: During a refraction test, an optometrist will have you view an image through different lenses and ask you to confirm which helps you see the image clearer.
  • Visual Field Test: A visual field test can assist with assessing your peripheral vision, which may be beneficial for identifying any signs of glaucoma.
  • Dilated Fundus Exam: A dilated fundus exam can help an optometrist assess your health in more detail by getting a clear view of the retina. This test is typically carried out for patients with diabetes and those who may be at risk of developing retinal damage.

How Many Optometrists Exist in Northlands?

Many optometrists exist in Northlands to provide eye tests and glasses, including Oscar Wylee. The amount of optometrists available in an area will typically depend on the population. At Oscar Wylee Northlands located in Christchurch, we offer excellent optometry services including eye tests performed by skilled optometrists using high-quality equipment. We also have a wide range of fashion-forward frames that customers can browse in a large selection of sizes and colours. If you’re looking for an optometrist in Northlands, choose Oscar Wylee and we will take care of your optometry and eyewear needs.

What are the Other Closest Optometrist Locations to Northlands in New Zealand?

There are no other Oscar Wylee optometrist locations close to Northlands in New Zealand, however, we have stores in Auckland and Wellington. If you are looking for an optometrist near you, you can find the locations of our many stores on our full store page.

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Check Your Eyesight in Christchurch

There is no need to go to an optometrist’s office in order to have your routine eye exam. Just stop by Oscar Wylee in Northlands Mall, where we have trained eye care professionals doing free* eye tests. You can have your prescription updated, eye health checked, and shop for a new pair of glasses all in under 30 minutes.

*Free eye test with optical glasses purchase on the same day, otherwise an eye test cost is $30.

Worried that your vision is going? Learn more from an optometrist today.

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We Accept Southern Cross Insurance

Here at Oscar Wylee, we can process your health fund claim in-store with a valid health fund card. We'll help answer any questions about what you’re eligible for with your health fund. You don’t have to navigate the hardest parts of health insurance alone - here at Oscar Wylee in Northlands Mall, we’re here to make sure you get what you need at an affordable, competitive price.

Styling advice

Fashion Forward Styles at Affordable Prices

Oscar Wylee is committed to putting your best face forward. We’re offering modern and vintage-style glasses frames at an affordable cost for everyone. We offer customizable prescription lenses to fit your needs - whether it’s a blue light lens to help with your sleep or a multifocal lens, our experts in store are ready and able to help you with any of your eyesight needs.