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Frame Design of Odette Glasses

The frame design of Oscar Wylee’s Odette glasses is characterised by a softly rounded shape, a low-bridge nose fit and an acetate frame. Odette glasses are a women’s, statement frame that will work for any occasion, whether the wearer wants to liven up their work style or complement a fun outfit for a night out.

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About Odette Frames

A soft rounded eye frame lends Odette a charmingly coveted look. Finished with custom acetate material. Flexible yet strong, and oh so loveable. Available in sunglasses style too.

Frame fit Measurements
MEDIUM 51 - 21 - 135

These measurements mean lens width, bridge, and temple length in millimetres (mm). They can be found on the inside of the temple arm. If you already have a pair that you like, you can compare it to these measurements.

Made from Acetate

Oscar Wylee’s Odette frame is a women’s, round glasses frame that is perfect for medium faces and those with square, oval or heart face shapes. The Odette frame is a stylish, widely wearable frame that can be worn every day. The main specs of Oscar Wylee’s Odette glasses frame including dimensions, shape, materials, lenses and nose fit are listed below.

Odette Frame Features Odette Frame Description
product spec icon Dimensions The dimensions of the Odette frame are measured in millimetres (mm) and are 51 - 21 - 135, meaning the lens width is 51 mm, the bridge is 21 mm and the temple length is 135 mm.
product spec icon Shape The Odette frame is a round shape, well suited to medium faces.
product spec icon Materials Odette glasses are made from a material called acetate.
product spec icon Lenses The lenses that can be used in the Odette frame are optical lenses, which include single vision and multifocal lenses and non-prescription lenses, which are plain and can have a filter like a blue light filter applied.
product spec icon Nose Fit The nose fit of Odette frames is a low nose fit, designed for low-bridge noses.

What Inspired the Frame Design of Oscar Wylee’s Odette Glasses?

The Oscar Wylee Odette frame design was inspired by current fashion trends as round shapes are often in fashion.

What to Know About Oscar Wylee’s Odette Glasses?

There are many aspects of the Oscar Wylee Odette frames that customers should know about, so they can decide whether this is the right frame for them. The Odette frame is a woman’s round-shaped frame. Oscar Wylee’s Odette frame is suitable for many face shapes but particularly compatible with square, oval and heart face shapes. The Odette frame’s simple design means that they are fashionable all year round. Odette glasses feature the standard parts of glasses such as a rim, temples, lenses and a low nose bridge for those with lower nose bridges.

What are the Types of Temple Tips or Earpieces Included with Oscar Wylee’s Odette Glasses?

The type of temple tips or earpieces included in Oscar Wylee’s Odette Glasses are made from acetate, the same as the rest of the temple and rim.

What Type of Nose Bridge do Oscar Wylee’s Odette Glasses Have?

The type of nose bridge included in Oscar Wylee’s Odette frame is a low nose bridge fit. A low nose bridge fit is suitable for those with low-nose bridges.

What Type of Nose Pads are Included with Oscar Wylee’s Odette Glasses?

Oscar Wylee’s Odette frame does not include any type of nose pads.

What Type of Lenses do Oscar Wylee’s Odette Glasses Have?

The type of lenses that typically come with the Oscar Wylee Odette glasses frame are optical lenses. Optical lenses are glasses lenses that have a prescription within the lens to help correct vision issues such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Odette glasses can also come with non-prescription lenses, with add-ons such as a blue light filter. Odette frames are currently unavailable as sunglasses online, however, customers can customise in-store and add on tint or polarisation.

What Material is Used for the Rim of Oscar Wylee’s Odette Glasses?

The material used for the rim of Oscar Wylee’s Odette glasses frames is acetate. The rim refers to the part of a glasses frame that holds the lenses.

What Face Types are Most Suitable for Oscar Wylee’s Odette Glasses?

The face types that are most suitable for Oscar Wylee’s Odette frame are heart, oval and square face types. The Odette frame is a softly rounded shape, meaning that it complements the structure of oval faces particularly well. The rounded Odette frames help to balance the features of an oval face shape and heart face shape, bringing the eyes and brows forward in a flattering way. The Odette frame is also suitable for a square face shape. Round frames help to bring forward the sharp and striking features of a square face type, highlighting without overemphasising them. Although there are many glasses for face shapes that may be considered more aesthetically suitable, it is important that people also choose the frames that make them feel most comfortable, and represent their personal style.

What Size Options are Available for Oscar Wylee’s Odette Glasses?

The size options available for Oscar Wylee’s Odette frame are a medium-frame fit across all colours.

What Materials are Used to Create Oscar Wylee’s Odette Glasses?

The primary material used to create the Oscar Wylee Odette frame is acetate. Acetate, also known as cellulose acetate, is a bioplastic, made from cotton fibres or wood pulp. At Oscar Wylee, acetate glasses are made by adding a dye to cellulose acetate, which is rolled into a sheet. The shape of the glasses is then cut from this sheet.

What’s Included

OW Case & Cloth

OW glasses case and lens cloth.

Protective Case and Lens Cloth

Our high-quality glasses case and lens cloth are included with every purchase of an Oscar Wylee frame. The stylish, magnetic case is made from a hard shell. This sturdy and durable material keeps your glasses protected and safe, wherever you go. Ensure your lenses are clean and scratch-free with our OW microfibre cloth, specifically designed to ensure you have comfortable vision through your lenses.

Oscar Wylee offers:

  • 1 Year Warranty on frames and lenses
  • Scratch resistance lens coating on all prescriptions
  • UV-proof coating on all prescriptions

Health fund rebate: Once you place an order, we will send you an email with your order details so you can make a claim if you are a health fund member. Learn more about health funds.

Make and Materials

The frames then go through cleaning and strict quality control, and many pairs of crafting hands to be hand-assembled and polished.

After your frames have gone through the production process, they are individually examined and packed before making their way to you!

Also known as cellulose acetate, these frames are traditionally hand-crafted by skilled craftsmen, with each frame passing through numerous stages of production and are hand-polished to ensure a glorious lustre.

Odette Acetate eyeglasses frame worn by model.

Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Oscar Wylee provides a 1 year warranty from the date of delivery on frames and lenses against manufacturing faults or defects. We will repair or replace faulty or defective frames or lenses free of charge for warranty claims made within 1 year of the delivery.

We also offer repairs or replacement for problems experienced with vision during everyday use for claims made within 30 days of delivery. If the same product has been discontinued or is no longer available, then we may offer an exchange for a similar product or a refund.