Optometrist St Lukes

Level 1 / 80 St Lukes Road
Mount Albert, Auckland 1025

  • Near Mister Minit

Opening hours

Monday9:00am - 6:00pm

Tuesday9:00am - 6:00pm

Wednesday9:00am - 6:00pm

Thursday9:00am - 9:00pm

Friday9:00am - 9:00pm

Saturday9:00am - 6:00pm

Sunday10:00am - 5:30pm

*Store hours reflect local standard trading hours and exclude public holidays

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Our Reviews
4 days ago

I’ve been getting my eyes tested and purchasing new glasses from Oscar Wylee for the last 4ish years... See more

1 week ago

Jullie Lawrence
1 week ago

Nice optometrist, prompt service glasses were ready in a week.

Michael James
2 weeks ago

It was professional informative and relaxed. No hard sell to buy new frames, progressive lenses etc.... See more

Ryan Cuya
2 weeks ago

Neil Rivera
2 weeks ago

clearly explain what you want to know about your eyes

Ieie Christanto
2 weeks ago

Very friendly and professional optometrist.

Saima Babar
3 weeks ago

Very polite, friendly, and knowledgeable staff. Excellent optometrist, explaining all aspects of eye... See more

3 weeks ago

I bought 2 pair of glasses from Albany store before, the nose pad has been squeezed and dropped for ... See more

Natasha M-S
3 weeks ago

Experience was quick and pleasant, and very well explained.

JamiaNZ University
3 weeks ago

Nice people and their service.

arnav sajwan
3 weeks ago

Great service. Classy frames too

Tony Tony Chopper
4 weeks ago

Went in for an eye test and Dennis and his co worker were really helpful and friendly. - Ana S

Kushal Gurung
1 month ago

Had my eye test last wednesday. Nice precinct and awesome optometrists. Feel very good

Tupou Unga
1 month ago

Customer service 10/10. Professionalism 10/10. I left the place feeling like I understood everything... See more

Graham Kellett
1 month ago

Great prompt service & at a fair price!

Bruce Blair
1 month ago

Juan, Crisanta
1 month ago

Dennis was amazing. Highly recommended

Delanie Horrobin MTM Property Management
1 month ago

I had a great experience at Oscar Wylee St Lukes. The staff were friendly and explained everything i... See more

1 month ago

Service was excellent. Why exactly do you need my date of birth and address? This was just for an ey... See more

Hung Pham
1 month ago

Very good, D. Choi is very nice, I'll come back

El Paim
1 month ago

Highly recommend! Amazing service from optometrist Dennis! Service was outstanding and he really too... See more

Alwyn Castelino
1 month ago

Staff were professional and efficient. Happy with my experience at Oscar Wylee Optometrist

indika ellawala
1 month ago

It was excellent.

Gemma Elliott
2 months ago

Fabulous service, super kind and helpful!

Anna Houston
2 months ago

Exceptional service. Worked to get my prescription and glasses fitting well. Thankyou

Paul Kim
2 months ago

Melissa Mawhinney
2 months ago

Best eye test I’ve experienced to date, lovely staff, Efficient and caring

Thushari sovis
3 months ago

Anateira Walters
3 months ago

Took my daughter to get her eyes checks staff was friendly and very helpful.

Mary Sankey
3 months ago

Amazing experience, incredibly helpful staff and Optometrist. Didn't feel pressure to purchase glass... See more

Jordana Ryu
3 months ago

First time having an eye test after 8 years and the experience was so smooth. The optometrist was ki... See more

Mazhar Saeed
3 months ago

I had really good experience for my eye checkup. Team was really friendly and cooperative.

Leanne Johnson
3 months ago

I had all my questions answered about the health of my eyes.The testing was very through and I could... See more

Shipra Mahindra
4 months ago

Jennie Lunn
4 months ago

Thank you, excellent service, love the glasses and the price.

Sanobar Syeda
4 months ago

The staff exhibited exceptional kindness, and I was particularly impressed by the extensive collecti... See more

Melanie Owubokiri
4 months ago

I dhad a great experience, everyone was kind, knowledgeable, fair (I probably didn't need to buy new... See more

Andrew Laurence
4 months ago

Great staff, very good value

4 months ago

Ida Valeria Hernández Muñoz (Valeria Hernandez)
4 months ago

Theresa Walker
4 months ago

First time visiting this store at St Lukes. Very good experience - with both optician and the Techn... See more

Sandra Dempsey
4 months ago

I felt the information given about my eye health was very clear and appropriate. Every member of the... See more

Mary Vendetti
4 months ago

Quick efficient service by Optometrist and salesperson. Collect glasses in a week or so.

Neha Cchauhan
5 months ago


Nathan Gray
5 months ago

Both the guys that took my test and payment were helpful. Relatively quick and straightforward proce... See more

Robin Worley
5 months ago

Everything was explained to me. It was all logical.

Jose Angelo Tablizo
5 months ago

The costumer service is on the top level. They are so friendly. Cheers!

Paige Glennon
5 months ago

Dennis and the team were awesome in helping me find the right lenses and frames!! Very patient and t... See more

Dr. Kelvin Baker
5 months ago

Good in-store service But Haven’t had any follow up info on when the items will be ready

About Oscar Wylee Westfield St Lukes

Neighbouring the Mount Albert and Mount Eden areas, our Oscar Wylee store at Westfield St Lukes is your go-to for optometry needs. Just a 10-minute walk away from Morningside train station, our dedicated optometrists can provide comprehensive eye tests in-store and help with prescription updates. Our friendly staff are also available to help you shop our affordable prescription glasses and sunglasses, inspired by modern and vintage styles.

Take advantage of Westfield St Lukes’ free four hour parking and explore the shopping centre if you have time after your appointment, with over 100 fashion, dining and lifestyle stores available. For those who enjoy the outdoors, Warren Freer Park and Gribblehirst Park are both just a stone’s throw away from the shopping centre. Book online or come into our Oscar Wylee St Lukes Westfield store. We look forward to seeing you!

*Free eye test with optical glasses purchase on the same day, otherwise an eye test cost is $30.
Meet Our Team
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Our Services
  • Professional Frame Styling
  • Frame Adjustments and Repairs
  • Visual Fields Testing
  • Digital Retinal Scanning

Find an Optometrist in St Lukes, Auckland for an Eye Health Test

An optometrist in St Lukes, Auckland is available for regular eye tests to help you care for your vision. St Lukes Oscar Wylee should be your first choice for high-quality optometry services performed by a team that cares about making eye health enjoyable and accessible for you. Our Oscar Wylee glasses store located in Mt Albert is a reliable destination to browse for your next pair of stylish frames whether for prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses.

When you get a comprehensive eye health test in St Lukes, you can expect the procedure to involve measuring the pressure of your eye and checking several different structures of the eye such as the cornea, retina and more. These processes will enable the optometrist to look out for any signs of eye diseases. If our team identifies any signs of a more complex issue, you may be referred to an eye doctor in the area. For any eyewear inquiries, see our optical dispenser in-store for more information. The average price for a St Lukes’ optometrist may vary between different locations according to the vision requirements and overall health of the patient.

How to Find an Optometrist in St Lukes, Auckland?

To find an optometrist in St Lukes, you can take certain steps that can help make it easier for you such as searching online, assessing the store’s opening hours and finding the directions to your chosen location. The steps on how to find an optometrist in St Lukes are listed below.

  1. Search online using the phrase, optometrist near me in St Lukes. This can also be done here on the website via our locations page.
  2. Click on the Oscar Wylee link, which will take you directly to our St Lukes optometrist store page.
  3. See the store’s opening hours and where the store is located specifically.
  4. Use the St Lukes Google Business page link located under store hours to see the directions on how to get to the store.

You can also find an optometrist in St Lukes by searching the keywords optometrist near me. If you have locations enabled on your smartphone and you’re in the St Lukes area, our St Lukes store page should appear easily for you to click on.

Is it Hard to Get an Eye Appointment in St Lukes, Auckland?

No, it is not hard to get an eye appointment in St Lukes. You can easily book an appointment to see an Oscar Wylee optometrist in St Lukes right here on this page or in-store. At Oscar Wylee we have highly qualified optometrists available and happy to help with any vision concerns.

How to Compare Optometrists in St Lukes to Each Other?

To compare optometrists in St Lukes, you can use factors such as eye tests offered, health fund coverage, lens types and add-ons and eyewear offered. To take care of your vision and eye health, it is important to receive an eye test at least once every two years. There are different types of tests that can be performed in an eye test and not all optometrists may offer the same tests. Health funds can be used to help cover some of the cost of your frames and lenses. To find out if your health fund is accepted at a St Lukes optometrist, visit their website. In the case of Oscar Wylee, we accept all major health funds and provide on-the-spot claims in-store. There are many different lens options available for prescription glasses such as single vision, multifocal and high index lenses. Most optometrists in St Lukes will offer these lenses although it is good to make sure. There are also lens add-ons available to enhance your glasses such as anti-reflective and blue light filters. Finally, if you are looking to purchase a pair of glasses after your eye test, you can compare the different styles and colours you are interested in from the optometrists in St Lukes. Oscar Wylee offers a wide range of frames with vintage and modern inspirations in bold colours and subtle designs.

How to Find an Eyeglasses Shop in St Lukes, Auckland?

To find a glasses store in St Lukes, you can try to follow these simple steps including searching online, selecting a convenient location and looking at their health insurance policies. The steps on how to find a glasses store in St Lukes are listed below.

  1. Search online using the phrase, glasses store in St Lukes. This will provide you with various options for glasses stores in the whole St Lukes area.
  2. Select a glasses store that is most convenient for you to travel to.
  3. Click the link to find out more information such as opening hours, exact location and directions to the glasses store in St Lukes.
  4. Read their health insurance policies to ensure you know what health benefits you have access to.

Our Oscar Wylee glasses store in St Lukes offers primary eye care services such as comprehensive eye tests as well as other services performed by an optometrist and offers prescription and non-prescription eyewear.

Is it Possible to Purchase Prescribed Sunglasses in St Lukes Without Seeing an Optometrist?

Yes and no, it is possible to purchase prescribed sunglasses in St Lukes without seeing an optometrist if you already have a prescription that has not expired. If your prescription is expired, you can book an eye test to receive an updated or new prescription which will require you to see an optometrist. This will ensure your prescription sunglasses are appropriate for your visual needs.

Where is the Oscar Wylee St Lukes Optometrist in Auckland Located?

The Oscar Wylee St Lukes, Auckland optometrist is located at 80 St Lukes Road and can be found in the Westfield Shopping Centre on level 1, near Mister Minit.

What is the Phone Number of Oscar Wylee St Lukes Optometrist in Auckland?

The Oscar Wylee St Lukes optometrist store phone number is 09 280 1877. You can contact the Oscar Wylee St Lukes store between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm on Monday to Wednesday and Saturdays, between 9 am and 9 pm on Thursdays and Fridays and between 10 am and 5:30 pm on Sundays.

What are the Reviews for Oscar Wylee St Lukes Optometrist in Auckland?

The many reviews for Oscar Wylee St Lukes optometrist in Auckland, left by our various customers can be found here on the website as well as online when you search for Oscar Wylee St Lukes optometrist. The reviews for Oscar Wylee St Lukes optometrist are listed below.

  • Theresa Walker: First time visiting this store at St Lukes. Very good experience - with both optician and the Technician. Both very professional and helpful. Also pleasantly surprised at the cost for 2 pairs of progressive lenses and frames. Much better value than other opticians in the mall. Will definitely visit again.
  • Sandra Dempsey: Quick efficient service by the optometrist and salesperson. Got to collect my glasses in a week or so.
  • Nathan Gray: Both the guys that took my test and payment were helpful. Relatively quick and straightforward process which was nice too.
  • Robin Worley: Everything was explained to me. It was all logical.

What Treatments or Eye Care Processes are Done in the Oscar Wylee St Lukes Optometrist Location?

The treatments or eye care processes done in the Oscar Wylee St Lukes optometrist location include a tonometry test, a digital photograph, a slit lamp exam and a refraction test. Additional tests that may also be performed can include a visual field test and a dilated fundus exam. The treatments or eye-care processes that are done in the Oscar Wylee St Lukes optometrist location are listed below.

  • A Tonometry Test: An optometrist or optical dispenser will conduct a tonometry test which involves the use of a machine that will release small puffs of air into your eyes. This will assist with measuring pressure in the eye.
  • A Digital Photograph: An optometrist or optical dispenser may take a digital photograph of your eye which can be kept on record to use in future appointments to evaluate any changes to your eye.
  • Slit Lamp Test: A slit lamp test can be used to evaluate your eye health, by examining your cornea and iris which are the anterior and posterior of the eye.
  • Refraction Test: During a refraction test, an optometrist will have you view an image through different lenses and ask you to confirm which helps you see the image clearer.
  • Visual Field Test: A visual field test can assist with assessing your peripheral vision, which may be beneficial for identifying any signs of glaucoma.
  • Dilated Fundus Exam: A dilated fundus exam can help an optometrist assess your health in more detail by getting a clear view of the retina. This test is typically carried out for patients with diabetes and those who may be at risk of developing retinal damage.

How Many Optometrists Exist in St Lukes?

Many optometrists exist in St Lukes to provide eye tests and glasses, including Oscar Wylee. The amount of optometrists available in an area will typically depend on the population. At Oscar Wylee St Lukes located in Auckland, we offer excellent optometry services including eye tests performed by skilled optometrists using high-quality equipment. We also have a wide range of fashion-forward frames that customers can browse in a large selection of sizes and colours. If you’re looking for an optometrist in St Lukes, choose Oscar Wylee and we will take care of your optometry and eyewear needs.

What are the Other Closest Optometrist Locations to St Lukes in New Zealand?

The other closest Oscar Wylee optometrist locations to St Lukes in New Zealand are Broadway Newmarket, Lynn Mall, Auckland CBD and Manukau. The other closest locations to St Lukes are listed below.

  • Broadway Newmarket: Broadway Newmarket is close to St Lukes with just 5-6 km in between stores and can be found along Broadway Street in the upscale retail district of Newmarket. The Oscar Wylee Broadway Newmarket store can be found next to Pandora and is an ideal destination for browsing our unique range of vintage-inspired frames.
  • Lynn Mall: Lynn Mall is close to St Lukes with just 6-7 km in between stores and can be found at 3058 Great North Road in New Lynn. Here you have access to high-quality health services to ensure you have good eye health and vision. You can find the Oscar Wylee Lynn Mall store opposite Glassons.
  • Auckland CBD: Auckland CBD is close to St Lukes with around 6-7 km and can be found at 163 Queen Street Auckland. The Oscar Wylee Auckland CBD store is where you can access high-quality eye care services for prescription eyewear and eye health.
  • Manukau: Manukau is close to St Lukes with 22 - 25 km in between stores and is located at 1 Leyton Way in Manukau City Centre. The Oscar Wylee Manukau store can be found next to Vodafone and offers a distinctive range of eyewear suitable for everyone.
in store

Optometrist-lead Eye Tests at Oscar Wylee St Lukes

We offer no-cost eye examinations upon purchase of glasses. Have your yearly eye health check-up and shop for your new prescription glasses on the same day. Here at Oscar Wylee St Lukes, you can take care of your eyesight, treat and examine eye problems, both with regular eye exams and with affordable frames.

in store

Southern Cross Health Insurance Accepted

Our in-store experts at Oscar Wylee St Lukes will help you navigate the ins and outs of your health fund. We can process your health fund claim in-store with a valid health fund card. We can also help answer any questions about what your health fund plan makes you eligible for. Here at Oscar Wylee, we want to make sure you get the best prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses you need at affordable, competitive prices.

For a list of other health funds, please contact our store.

Styling advice

Stylish Frames at Oscar Wylee St Lukes

We offer prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses that are not only affordable, they’re stylish. Visit our Oscar Wylee store in Westfield St Lukes today to chat with one of our experts and find the perfect frames for your face shape. And now, you can be styled for less with our prescription glasses frames at 2 pairs from $249. Leave the store looking like your glasses were made for you.